let’s get this over already – the gremlins remake/reboot/sequel in development hell

1as always I can not speak for every one, but ever since the release of gremlins 2, many fans of the franchise were hoping for a third installment to happen. the creator of the original has been quotes to have explained that the second installment was made as a persiflage of the first and that was made in a way, that it would draw an almost definitive line under the franchise as a whole, BUT that he would not be 100% against a further installment, just as long as whoever finance it, would agree to keep it the same way as the original was made: without cgi gremlins, because let’s face it, that would be pretty horrible.

just as with the ghostbusters franchise plans for further installments have risen, been changed, 7870dumped, resurfaced, been dumped again, then others arose, been changed, dumped .. and so on. for parts of the horror film community the term “gremlins 3” had even become a running gag for a long time. I have even seen horror film festivals, taking a piss by advertising “gremlins 3” as part of their lineup, which is a definitively funny, yet somewhat cruel joke.

from a legal standpoint as far as I know said creator holds at least parts of the rights, which gives him enough power to veto further installments, but when has that ever stopped any production company. there’s always a workaround.

anyway, one day this is gonna happen. with or without anybody’s blessing. that’s just the way studios are, nothing is off limits.   nightmare on elm street, helloween, friday the 13th, karate kid, dirty dancing, yes even FUCKING FOOTLOSE, everything is up for grabs. it is just a matter of when and most importantly HOW.

maxresdefaultin recent times we have gone through the whole loop of development hell. first it was a remake, then it was a reboot and then it was a sequel reboot.

now, don’t get me wrong, I always wanted the franchise to continue. always. I have been admiring the original film ever since the first advertisement poster, saw it at the movies and a gazillion times ever since and same goes for the second installment.

if I could chose then I would just turn back time and just make it happen back then. the original setup had enough potential to squeeze one more out of them and then call it a day, because as much as I want one more installment seriously nobody wants the franchise to end like critters where they put the creatures in new environments just for the fuck of it. btw, it is just a matter of time until gremsome producer accidently stumbles upon an old vhs of critters and thinks to himself “hmmm, money to be made”. aaaaand just seconds I wrote this, a short research shows that not only is a 3D film, possible shortfilm in the making, but also a TV series. call me filmstradamus, people.

anyway, that obviously did not happen, so what’s left? reboot or remake and let’s face it, neither prospect would be promising, because in both cases that would imply to start the whole story all over from the beginning, which would be fatal. reason being that it was a wonder that gremlins worked to begin with. it was a very outlandish premise to put it mildly, but they made it work with a great script, lovely characters, great humor and kick-ass special fx. the chance to reproduce that somehow are close to zero. therefore during it’s reincarnations of possible ideas during development hell, all kind of nonsense got thrown around. the most silly being was going for straight up horror. yeeeaaahh, like that was ever gonna work. it37654 wouldn’t even be gremlins anymore. didn’t we had enough small-creature-horror films already?

with all that in mind I was pleased to find out about their latest idea, which would be a reboot-sequel, playing in present times, but acknowledging the events of the past. I gotta admit that this would actually be a pretty kickass solution. almost too good to be true. I mean it would not be interfering with the original films logic, it would be a legit excuse why we would get differently looking gremlins (evolution), it would include the possibility of cameos from the original series and it would open all kinds of new opportunities for going into new directions.

most importantly it would be easy to find a plausible beginning. I mean gizmo could not have been phoebe_cates_gremlins_wearing_woolly_hat_2the only mogwai to ever lived, so it is inevitable that there also are/were gremlins out there.

well, I guess “too good to be true” was also what the production company was thinking , because of recently the project has been put back “on hold”.

c’mon people, let’s get this over with. it is gonna happen sooner all later, we all know that. let’s make it happen while it is still planned as a reboot-sequel. it is the closest that it can get to what the fans of the original series want(ed) and still have mass appeal for a new audience.



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