Bearable, but .. – 7500 (2014)

Still - 7500 (2014)(1)This ist he story off flight 7500 towards tokyo. all seems like everyday business, except for that strange guy in a business suit, who brought this suspicious wooden box on the plane. little do the passengers know what’s going to unfold, as strange events start to arise after the plane suffers from some seemingly normal turbulances.


I don’t know what dragged me towards this film. it surely wasn’t the advertisement line “made by the director of the grudge”, because that rather functioned as a warning label to me. I guess it was just the lack of promising recent releases.


This is a regular off the mill horror story. some supernatural stuff is included and it has the overall tone of a 7500202014-scr09_zps44ed74a8.png~originaJapanese ghost story, with some of it working well and some of it less, yet overall it does not drift too far into complete absurdity, like a lot of films do nowadays. maybe it was only in comparison to all the far fetched bs that I have recently seen, that makes this film bearable, yes decent at times. don’t get me wrong, this is not brilliant by all means, but it just don’t follow the recent trend of having to cram in some kind of pseudo intellectual philosophy that does not stand a closer look, nor does it include a thousand well intended twists that just not work.


Flight 7500Nevertheless, the film has one major flaw: it fails at explaining what eventually happens and what it about plausible enough. once you know the answer, everything falls in place, but most people including me were left puzzled at the films conclusion. you need to either give it a good though or simply look it up. it makes sense, but it does not necessarily become clear when actually watching the film.


Overall a good effort. watchable, if you don’t have anything better at hand.




Surprisingly good – as above so below (2014)

As Above, So BelowA young, headstrong female adventurer is out on a quest to find “the philosopher’s” stone. a mysterious relict which led her to hunt down clues all over the world, with one of the final clues being hidden on a tombstone that is on display in a paris’ museum. Once having decoded the message that the stone holds with the help of a friend of hers, she knows that the stone is be found deep below the earth, in an ancient tunnel system below the heart of paris.

She hires a group of anarchist daredevils that claim to know the tunnel system like nobody else.

Little do they all know what kind of dangers lie beneath and that they are about to be confronted with their deepest fears.


Boy oh boy, critics and audiences alike hated the hell out of this film: too generic, ripoff of other films, as-above-so-belowsenseless mix of tomb raider and the descent … etc to name just a few criticisms that have been floating around.


Anyway, with so many ridiculous releases within the last couple of weeks if not months, this film just looked like the less of many evils. ironically little old me, being the ultra picky bastard that you know me as, liked it quite a lot. it is a modern version of dantes inferno and as such you have to just swallow AsAboveSoBelow-502020that part of the premise. you also have to swallow the tomb raider aspects of the premise, which consists a) of a hyperenthusiastic lara-croft-esque protagonist and b) the quest for a ridiculous ancient object. you get confronted with both shortly at the very beginning and only bothered occasionally throughout the film, which is very refreshing in comparison to for example “lucy” which completely to the contrary shoves it’s silly premise into the viewers face, like 70% of the runtime.


Anyway, AASB cuts to the chase pretty quickly. once the protagonists are underground, the atmosphere gets 1398356477_paris1tense, claustrophobic and threatening. for the most part the latter 80% of the film is a classic horror and action mixture, for the most part portrayed by different headcams and one handycam, which is a style element that I rarely approve of. in this case it works very well. the ballance between more or less steady for the most part and shaky shaky as soon as something potentially threatening happens is handled extremely well. overall you forget pretty quick that for the most part none of the protagonist is really likeable. even more interesting I myself saw myself in the situation of vowing for them. the general feeling of fear throughout the group is portrayed very believable by the actors and yeah, I found the film to be scary and it really gets pretty tense towards the end.


Overall I liked it quite a lot. it’s not a flick that you wanna watch extremely often, but I could imagine checking it out a second time.

Suprisingly bad – before i go to sleep (2014)

Before-I-Go-to-Sleep-1“A woman wakes up every day, remembering nothing as a result of a traumatic accident in her past. One day, new terrifying truths emerge that force her to question everyone around her.”


Okey dokey, here comes another one that got panned by critics and audiences alike, but in this case I can relate to a point.


Just to go a lil deeper into the plot: Nicole kidman’s character wakes up every day, memento style: pictures and post-it notes all over the place, explaining her who she is, that the dude that she has awoken next to is her husband … etc. as soon as her husband leaves for work, she gets a phone call by her psychiatrist, reminding her to check her digital camera, which is “securely” hidden in a shoebox in her closet. on said camera she finds recordings of herself, which she has taken to explain what happened that day and what she had found out about her past. starting obviously with the previous day and leading back to the first day of recording.


This leads us back to the most occurring criticism towards this film, being that it is a “momento” rip-off. it Before-I-Go-To-Sleep-DI-1isn’t. it is not a good movie by any means, but it is no “memento” ripoff. first of all memento is a billion times more disturbing than “before I go to sleep”. subject wise and especially stylewise. mementos visual of storytelling, meaning telling the whole story backwards in “couple of minute jumps” with leaving certain important questions up to the viewer to interpret, keeps the viewer so busy and somewhat involved, that one does not even have the time to search for flaws. it is hard enough keeping up with trying to puzzle the story together. apart from a bunch of flashbacks, “before I go to sleep” is told in chronological order and the “overnight” memory loss story leaves you quite a lot of time to think, which does not turn out to the films advantage, I tell ya. 😉


For the first half this film is quite good, yes even suspenseful, just to make a complete nose in the latter second half. some stuff does not add up, story wise. towards the end it even gets quite absurd.


Mark-Strong-and-Nicole-Kidman-in-Before-I-Go-to-Sleep-2014-Movie-ImageI know that for some reasons, unknownst to me, Nicole kidman just like scarlett Johansson and samual Jackson somehow seem to have to be part in every film in existence, but colin firth? c’mon, man. you are better than that.


I have seen worse, but this one is pretty bad.

charming – miss meadows (2014)

miss_amiss meadows, portrayed by supercutie katie holmes is a young, petite women, who likes to dress in a mary-poppins-esque 60s britania style. she is a school teacher, beloved by her pupils. she is friendly, charming and polite up to a level that it is almost disturbing and she is proper. very proper. when I say proper, then I mean that in a downtown abbey oldschool british proper kind of way. she lives in a run down suburban neighborhood, so the contrast between her and her environment could hardly be any more extreme. underneath her proper surface though there hides a vigilante. not vigilante in a manner that she hunts down bad guys at night, but in a way that when someone oversteps his boundaries in regards to miss meadows, she pulls out a tiny yet lethal pistol out of her handbag and shoots them dead. miraculouslylarge_miss-meadows_web_2 she always seems to get away with it, until she falls in love with a young and attractive detective, which brings a completely new set of problems to her life and in particular her vigilantism.


Well, what can I say, I loved miss meadows. a lovely, yet violent story with charming characters, a good balance of dark and light tones and most of all an unconventional way of storytelling. most directors would have given film a very different, much more convenient spin, especially when it come to the second half of the film, which is good. most people would have chosen a much more politically correct approach, which would have destroyed, yes even kinda betrayed b68c3b40-2e37-11e4-84c1-a39c9fd0b07d_miss-meadowseverything that the film was about.

Katie holmes was perfect for the role and all other technical aspects of the film are up to par.

Overall it is simply a very good film and a pleasure to watch. I give it a 7-8/10, so it is not something that you feel the need to rewatch every 2 months or so, but I am sure that I haven’t enjoyed it for the last time.

Lives by the actors – tell (2014)

2724236“Ethan Tell is a small time crook who makes a big-time score when he steals 1 million dollars. Ironically, his life radically changes for the worst when he discovers that stealing the money was the easy part and he now must keep his partner, his wife, his parole officer, and two corrupt detectives from stealing it from him.”

Ok, this does not sound particularily innovativ or exciting, but as a crime/drama movie what else would you expect. I read about this film that the majority of critics hated it, but also that people who ignited by the bad reviews watched it with lowered expectations were pleasantly surprised.


Well, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. it is a rather generic story of struggle, betrayal and one man’s quest to find a happier life. it has some action, some pretty ok dialogue, but it also has some significant logical errors and some moments of completely botched dialogue. generally tell-jason-lee-milo-ventimiglia-600x415speaking it is also ok from a technical point of view, so for the most part it is in the medium range. nothing too bothering, but nothing too exciting either.


One thing I have to criticize though: the poster is pretty near to false advertising. it suggests an action packed 90 minutes full of cool gangster dudes, sexy lose women and bone dry humor galore. so if that’s what your expecting, then you will be completely disappointed.


100177.300You could very well skip this film, if it wasn’t for the male lead and the male support roles. maybe it’s just me, but I just love to see milo ventimiglia and Jason lee in movies. any movie. who knows, maybe I am just biased because of milo’s phenomenal performance in “chosen” and maybe it is the fact that I have seen the smith’s jersey trilogy a gazillion times, but I just like to see those dudes on the screen and in this case they really made the best of what they had (script wise). it was a bit of a downer that they gave alan tudyk such a crappy role. not because of him beign a bad guy, but such a boring cliché driven moron bad guy. that character was so badly written, that even alan could not save it.


Anyway, if it wasn’t for milo and Jason, this would have been seriously agonizing to watch, but they kinda saved it. not up to a level where you could say that it was a fantastic experience, it is still way too flawed for that, but it was somewhat watchable, somewhat enjoyable and as bad as that sounds, compared to a lot of recent releases, that is almost an achievement. almost.